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May 2, 2024

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A Bright and Airy Affair: Dream Wedding at St. Cecilia and The Madison

Love, laughter, and a vibrant energy filled the air as Cera and Michael exchanged vows in a ceremony filled with heartfelt moments at St. Rose, followed by a joyous celebration at The Madison. From the elegant backdrop of Hotel Covington North to the picturesque beauty of Ault Park, every moment of their special day was captured in timeless beauty and cherished memories.

Photography & Videography | BI
Venue | The Madison
Church | St. Cecilia Catholic Church
Hair | Nina Hendricks
Makeup | Cassie Busse & Becca Lambert
Bride’s Dress | Lace Bridal
Tux | Folchi’s
Florist | A Little Bit of Green by Lisa
Reception Entertainment | Steve Bender
Transportation | Jimmy’s Limousine Service

Before the ceremony, Cera and Michael ventured to Ault Park for a photoshoot filled with love and laughter. Amidst the lush greenery and scenic beauty of the park, the couple shared intimate moments captured against the backdrop of nature’s splendor. From tender embraces to playful laughter, each photograph tells a story of love and connection, serving as timeless mementos of their special day.

As the sun began to set, Cera and Michael exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony
at St. Cecilia. Surrounded by family
and friends, their love radiated
throughout the church, filling the
space with warmth and emotion. With
each word spoken, promises
were made and futures were sealed,
marking the beginning of a beautiful
journey together as

Following the ceremony, the festivities continued at The Madison, where guests were greeted with a lively atmosphere and stunning decor. From the elegant table settings to the lively dance floor, every detail was meticulously planned to create a memorable experience for all in attendance. As the night unfolded, Cera and Michael danced the night away surrounded by the love and support of their cherished guests, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cera and Michael’s wedding was a celebration of love,
laughter, and joyous moments shared with family
and friends. From the serene beauty of Ault Park to the heartfelt ceremony at St. Cecilia, and the lively reception
at The Madison, every aspect of their
special day was a reflection of their unique love story.
As they begin their journey
as husband and wife, may their love continue to
grow stronger with each passing day,
filling their lives with endless happiness
and cherished memories.

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