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May 27, 2023

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Captivating Love at The Bell Event Centre

Nestled in Cincinnati’s historic Over The Rhine district, St. Paul’s Church, established in 1850, is a sanctuary of romance and tradition. Adorned with Romanesque architecture and golden pineapples symbolizing hospitality, it provides an enchanting backdrop for couples exchanging vows.

Crafted by renowned artist F.X. Zettler, the stained glass windows narrate tales of enduring love, including the celebrated 50th anniversary of the Hemmelgarns. Beneath Corinthian columns representing strength, couples exchange vows amidst the ethereal glow cast by the stained glass, creating an unforgettable moment in a setting steeped in history and romance.

Venue | The Bell Event Centre
Videography | Bambino International
Makeup | Moxxie Makeup
Florist | Berties Blooms
Music | CSC Special Events

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